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Tips for removing limescale in toilet bowls

There are many good tips for how to remove limescale above the water's edge in the toilet bowl.
If it is below the water's edge, it is not as difficult to remove the deposits. There are several different brands of WC tabs available that you can put into the toilet bowl and let them work for a few hours or overnight. But usually limescale deposits do not form below the waterline. Rather, the limescale forms right on the actual waterline or down along the sides and rear of the toilet, where the water runs down.
Naturally, to remove these deposits, you can use the usual toilet cleaning products that are available in a myriad of different brands.
The problem, however, is that you cannot get toilet cleaning agents to stick onto the toilet bowl, which means that they do not work particularly well. Even the more gelatinous products available on the market do not stick well enough to the toilet bowl to have a good effect. Furthermore, these products rarely contain sufficient quantities of the active substance to remove limescale.
You can also find a lot of advice on the internet about how to remove limescale deposits. Most advice involves sticking a paper towel, toilet paper or a cotton pad onto the toilet bowl and then wetting it with acetic acid, citric acid, or even Coca Cola. Then leave it to work for many hours. These tips are reasonably good and sometimes they can even achieve reasonably good results with great effort.
There is even advice available to use chlorine or hydrochloric acid, and in worst cases, to clean the toilet bowl with a sharp object, such as a razor blade. These tips are probably some of the best ways to destroy the enamel on the toilet bowl.
However, there is also a very convenient solution for removing limescale from the toilet bowl. Namely, using Toiee toilet descaler. If we have a pot with food burned onto it, most of us would probably just leave the pot to soak in water and detergent so that the deposits dissolve after a few hours.
The concept behind Toiee toilet descaler is to do the same as we would with the pot. Namely, to soak the toilet with toilet detergent in order to dissolve the limescale deposits.
Unlike the pot, however, we cannot fill up a toilet. The water runs out automatically, so it sets at the water's edge. This is where Toiee toilet descaler can be useful. It lets you close the toilet's drain, the U-bend, so that you can then fill the toilet bowl up with water and toilet cleaner. By using Toiee toilet descaler, you can perform the same process with the toilet bowl as for the pot. Namely, you can leave the toilet bowl to soak.
Toiee toilet descaler blocks the U-bend. The toilet bowl can then be filled with water and then Toiee toilet detergent can be added. This little procedure only takes a few minutes. Then you can leave the toilet to soak. You can leave the water and detergent to do their work from ½-3 hours, depending on the severity of the deposits in the toilet bowl, or you can leave it overnight. 
In the vast majority of cases, the result will be a toilet bowl completely free of limescale and looking like new. So, with very little effort, you can get a shiny, clean toilet bowl that looks like new. There’s no need to use a lot of elbow grease, you can simply let time do the work for you.